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Facias/soffit Cleaning

Facias/soffit Cleaning

Your facias & soffits are open to all the elements and can suffer green algae growth and black soot staining from traffic exhaust and chimneys. We offer a specialist 'hand finished' cleaning service for UPVC soffits and facias. We use a combination of long reach poles to access high roof lines & if needed we erect a movable scaffold to get up close to give a more detailed clean. it's this attention to detail that allows us to give a professional clean that cannot be matched by other companies.

Our long reach poles allow us to clean dormer Windows and cladding without standing on the roof which often can lead to cracked tiles. If possible we like to access the roof line with ladders this allows us to inspect the guttering to check for any debris that may lead to blockage and damp seeping into the home, when you look up to your gutters do you see grass growing in your gutters?

Please don't mistake us for a general window cleaning company that offer a UPVC cleaning service, although they give a quality service with the pole system they use it does not compare to the detailed clean we can give with our clean & polish system.

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