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Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Remember when your conservatory was new? How white & gleaming it was, the crowning glory of your home. Is it still the Looking gleaming white? I would guess not. Over time conservatories can tarnish and suffer from dirt and green algae growth.

But help it at hand, we specialise in cleaning UPVC conservatories, let us use all our cleaning knowledge to return you conservatory to its former glory. The key to our success is the ability to get up close to the roof line with our portable scaffold or high reach platform to hand clean all the hard to reach areas.

Conservatory roofs offer a unique challenge, most people only call us when they look very green with algae or black with dirt. Unfortunately they need to be cleaned from above (not pressure washed from ground level).

Some conservatories have a concealed gutter than runs adjacent to the house these gutter can be very difficult to reach & clean. They often collect leaves and moss causing blockages. With our scaffold platform we can effectively reach these gutters.

If you attempt to clean them from ground level you risk water penetrating under the frame and seals then leaking into the conservatory. With roofs we always erect our high reach rig and work with the roof at knee level, this allows us to give a quality clean without the risk of water leaks. This also allows us to clean the finial (the decorative apex on top of your conservatory).

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